Himachal Legislative Assembly

          The Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly has no pre-Constitution history the State itself is a post-Independence creation.  It first came into being as a centrally administered territory on 15 April 1948 by the integration of 30 erstwhile princely states.

          The Himachal Pradesh Legislature, as we see today, has evolved over a long period of time.  For centuries, the valleys of the Himalayas and the Shivaliks remained cut off from the mainstream, and the Rajas and Ranas (ruling princes) held on to their principalities under the suzerainty of the British Crown.  For the subjects of Suket State, one of the 30 merging states which eventually came to form Himachal Pradesh, victory came on 18 February 1948.  Soon, one after the other, the rest of the Shimla Hill and Punjab states signed the instruments of accession and this paved the way for the emergence of a new administration and a free people.  Later, in 1951, it became a Part C State under  a Lieutenant Governor with a 36-member Legislative Assembly and a three-member Cabinet.  In 1954, Bilaspur, another Part-C State, was merged with Himachal Pradesh and the strength of its Assembly was raised to 41.  In 1956, despite majority recommendation of the States Re-organisation Commission for its merger with Punjab, Himachal Pradesh retained its separate identity, but as a Union territory under an Administrator designated, Lieutenant-Governor, and without any elected Assembly.  After a lapse of seven years, in 1963, the Assembly was revived, with the Territorial Council in existence since 1957 being converted into the Legislative Assembly with a strength of 43, including two nominated members.  With the merger of new areas into Himachal Pradesh in 1966, the number of members in the House rose to 56, including  2 nominated members.  The strength of the House was further raised to 63 (60 elected and 3 nominated) after section 24(3) of the Punjab Reorganisation Act, 1966 came into force in 1967.  On 25 January 1971, Himachal Pradesh became the eighteenth State of the Union of India vide the State of Himachal Pradesh Act, 1970

          The Legislature of Himachal Pradesh is unicameral and at present, the Assembly has a strength of 68.     The tenure of the Assembly is five years unless sooner dissolved. There are 14 House Committees in the Assembly.