Manipur Legislative Assembly

Manipur came under the British Rule in 1891 and was merged with the Dominion of Government of India on 15 October 1949.  Prior to the merger, Manipur had an Assembly which was elected on the basis of adult franchise in July 1948. It consisted of 53 members.

On adoption of the Constitution of India on 26 January 1950, Manipur became a part C State. The Union Territories (Laws) Act, 1950 came into force on 16 April 1950 and the Chief Commissioner became the Administrator of the State. A Council of Advisors with five members, three from the valley and two from the hill areas was constituted on 6 May 1953 to assist the Administrator and it continued to function till the election to the Territorial Council in 1957. The same year, under the Union Territories Act, 1956, election of 30 members of the Territorial Council was held. The Territorial Council was later converted into the Territorial Legislative Assembly in June 1963, consisting of 30 elected and 2 nominated members.  The Assembly started functioning from 23 July 1963.

Manipur had a Legislative Assembly consisting of 30 elected members under the Government of the Union Territories Act, 1963. Manipur became a full fledged State on 21 January 1972 by the North-Eastern (Reorganization) Act, 1971.

The structure of the State Legislature is unicameral. The State Legislative Assembly now consists of 60 members. The present House, the Tenth Manipur Legislative Assembly, had its first meeting on 19 March 2012.

The normal tenure of the Assembly is five years, unless sooner dissolved. There are 13 Standing Committees in the Assembly.