Nagaland Legislative Assembly

        Nagaland was a district called Naga Hills within the State of Assam until 1957 when it was put under central administration with the nomenclature of Naga Hills Tuensang Area (NHTA).

        In July, 1960, following discussion between the Prime Minister of India and the leaders of the Naga People Convention, a 16 point Agreement was arrived at whereby the Government of India recognized the formation of Nagaland as a full-fledged State within the Union of India. Accordingly, the territory was placed under the Nagaland Transitional Provisions Regulation, 1961 which provided for an Interim Body consisting of 45 members to be elected by various tribes according to the customs, traditions and usage of the respective tribes. Subsequently, Nagaland attained Statehood with the enactment of the State of Nagaland Act, 1962, by the Parliament.  The Interim Body was dissolved on 30 November, 1963 and the State of Nagaland was formally inaugurated on 1 December, 1963. After elections in January, 1964, the first Nagaland Legislative Assembly was  constituted on 11 February 1964.

        As per section 11 of the State of Nagaland Act, 1962, the total number of seats in the Nagaland Legislative Assembly was fixed at sixty. However, for the period referred to in Article 371 A of the Constitution, in the first ten years from the date of formation of the State, the total number of seats in the Legislative Assembly of Nagaland was initially fixed at 46 of which 6 seats were reserved for Tuensang district to be filled by persons chosen by members of the Tuensang Regional Council from amongst themselves. With effect from 6 March 1969, the seats allotted to Tuensang district were raised from 6 to 12 and the strength of the Legislative Assembly increased from 46 to 52. In the 1974 election, the people of Tuensang exercised for the first time their voting right of adult franchise to elect 20 members from Tuensang district and the strength of the Assembly was raised to its full strength of 60 members. There is no nominated member in the Nagaland Legislative Assembly and all the 60 members are elected on the basis of adult franchise. The normal tenure of the House is five years unless sooner dissolved. There are 13 Standing Committees in the Assembly.