Pondicherry Legislative Assembly

        The Union Territory of Pondicherry compsiring of four enclaves namely, Pondicherry, Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam were ruled by French before independence. French Government transferred the above four enclaves to the Indian Union under a de-facto-treaty on 1 November 1954. Later the territory was merged with Indian Union on 16 August, 1962.

        As the people aspired for a popular Government, the Parliament enacted the Government of Union Territories Act, 1963 which came into force on 1 July 1963, and the pattern of Government prevailing in the rest of the country was introduced in this territory also, but, subject to certain limitations. Under Article 239 of the Constitution, the President appoints an Administrator with such designation as he may specify to head the administration of the territory. The President appoints the Chief Minister. The other Ministers are also appointed by the President on the advice of the Chief Minister.

        The structure of the Pondicherry Legislature is unicameral. The Legislative Assembly consists of 30 members. All the members are directly elected by the people on the basis of adult franchise.

        In terms of the provisions of the Government of Union Territories Act, 1963 the normal tenure of the Assembly is five years, unless sooner dissolved.  There are 16 Committees in the Assembly.