Orissa Legislative Assembly 

Orissa became a separate Province on 1 April 1936 by the Government of India (Constitution of Orissa) Order 1936. It comprised certain portions of the Bihar and Orissa Province, Madras Presidency and the Central Provinces. 

Under the Government of India Act, 1935, the strength of the Legislative Assembly of the Orissa Province was fixed at 60, including four nominated members. On 1 January 1948, 25 princely states merged in the province of Orissa. In pursuance of the provisions of the Administration of Orissa Order, an Assembly for Orissa States called ‘Orissa States Assembly’ consisting of 36 members was constituted. These included 31 members appointed by the Provincial Government from the merged states, and five exofficio members viz. the Prime Minister of Orissa, three members of the Executive Council and the Chief Administrative and Special Commissioner. 

After final merger of princely states with Orissa in 1949, the total number of seats in the Orissa Legislative Assembly was revised to 91 to represent the people of the merged states or group of states. 

Subsequent to the Delimitation of Parliamentary and Assembly Constituencies in 1951, the strength of the Orissa Legislative Assembly went upto 140. The first Assembly was constituted on 20th February, 1952. The strength of Assembly was later increased to 147 with effect from the Sixth Legislative Assembly (1974). 

The structure of the State Legislature is unicameral. The term of the Assembly is five years, unless sooner dissolved. There are 30 Committees in the Assembly.